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new beginnings {are a beautiful thing!}

January 6th | inspiration

New beginnings are so important! It’s January–a new year and a fresh start.

I’ve been reflecting on the various times of the year that feel like a fresh start. Every Monday feels like a new beginning. I love that! The school year is a huge new beginning! And every year on my birthday I think about who I am, what I want and how I can grow. And of course, the new year is a new beginning.

Here are some thoughts/goals/resolutions I am thinking over.

Blog more. I want to write more. I want to pour out my heart more. This space feeds my soul and I love connecting with you. I want to spend more time here this year.

Ask for help. I need to let others help me more–especially with David. I’ve hit some lows lately. I get tired, exhausted and discouraged because I’m doing too much and I’m not allowing others to help. And at times, I struggle with bitterness, even though I haven’t voiced my needs. This year I want to let go of some control and let others help more. It’s good for me and it’s good for David.

Allow downtime. I want to spend my downtime reading books and magazines more, and be on Facebook and Pinterest less. I want to shut down screens and enjoy quiet time in books and stories. I know this will lower my stress level!

Create with Matthias. I want to draw, paint, sculpt and take pictures with my younger son. I want to nurture his creativity and connect with him. I’ve got some fun ideas and I can’t wait to share the results with you!

Listen to David. He has so many thoughts, ideas and preferences. Every day he grows in his ability to tell me what he wants–not with words, but with gestures, pointing and leading me to things. The crucial part is, I have to slow down, pay attention and LISTEN. It’s hard for me! I get busy doing things that seem important when taking time to listen is so much more important. I believe listening gives a person dignity. I believe David’s opinion matters. I want to listen more.

Simplify. Especially the house. I want to get rid of things we don’t use or need. I want clear counters and less clutter. I’m pretty sure my soul will breath easier.

Be active. I just started working out at a local gym a few months ago and I love it! It was a very vulnerable thing for me to join a gym but I feel stronger already. I want to continue these workouts and perhaps increase frequency. I also want to walk and ride bikes/scooters with my boys more.

Pray. I want to use the ACTS model {Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication} to pray every day. Some days it may be a few minutes, sometimes more. I believe in the power of pray. And I need to spend more time praying.

* * *

Do you have any goals for the new year? I’d love to hear!

huckleberry market {love}

November 4th | inspiration, san luis obispo

Hey there! I have inspiration to share today! We’ve got a new floral + gift shop here in San Luis Obispo and it’s nothing short of lovely. It’s full of texture, light and color–so that means it’s full of my favorite things! Take a look…

They’ve taken over Ruby Rose’s old space and made it fantastically new.

Succulents make my heart sing!

It’s such a light-filled space.

Wouldn’t these library cards make adorable gift tags?

Paper, ribbon and scissors–what else do you need?

The shop is owned by Karen and Carla {that’s Karen above} and it’s beautiful. If you live near San Luis Obispo, or pass through, you must stop in! You can follow Huckleberry Market on Facebook and Instagram. They also do creative gatherings. So fun!

What’s inspiring you today?

creating traditions {with nativity}

October 23rd | family, inspiration

Ah! I am THRILLED over the response to our new nativity. It’s so exciting!

I know this will be a keepsake year after year.

I created the nativity for my nieces and nephews. I wanted them to have something to cherish in their childhoods and carry memories into adulthoods. I hope they use these nativities with their own children!

When I was growing up, the nativity was a big part of our Christmas season. Every year, after we went to bed on Christmas eve, my mom would place baby Jesus in the manger. And when we woke up on Christmas morning he would be there–reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Each piece is hand-molded and beautiful in it’s sweet simplicity. I spent hours trying to capture the story through these little pewter figures.

When I was molding baby Jesus, I felt so humbled trying to capture something with such HUGE significance and wrap it into a pewter figure. Jesus has brought JOY to the world and his birth changed my story.

The demand for the nativity has been great. We are doing our best to keep up, but please if you want one, don’t wait! They are only $199 and I don’t want you to miss out!

Find the new nativity here. 

*brand new* nativity set! {love}

October 14th | finding love, inspiration


Friends, I have been working on this project for a year! It’s been such a labor of love. I started it as a gift for my nieces and nephews. I wanted them to have a keepsake to treasure year after year that reflects the true heart of Christmas.

As it started coming together, I knew I had to share it with YOU as well!

Our brand new nativity includes 15 hand-molded pieces and a stable made from California Oak wine barrels and a story book with the Christmas story.

Molding baby Jesus was a truly humbling thing. How can one capture something so meaningful, life changing, world changing and hope-filled?

There are three wisemen, a shepherd and six hand-crafted animals. The pieces range from 1/2″-2″ each. Precious.

Each nativity includes a story book that tells the Christmas story and has questions to help kids {and adults} understand the meaning of the nativity.

Joy has come to the world!

Today we are offering a very limited edition nativity with a few very special features.

*Baby Jesus is finished in gold
*Marking from California Oak wine barrel are visible
*Bottom of stable is signed and numbered by me

Growing up, the nativity was part of our Christmas celebration every year. After we went to sleep on Christmas eve, my parents would place Baby Jesus in the manger and we would wake up to find him there. We read Luke 2 together and talked about the gift that Jesus gave us on Christmas.

Do you have a nativity tradition to share?

Click here to see the new nativity set! {There are only 100 limited edition sets, so don’t wait!}

local love, ruby rose

September 26th | inspiration, san luis obispo

Hi friends! How about some inspiration for your Friday? You know I love Ruby Rose. Well, the recently moved to a new location on Monterey Street. I knew it would be gorgeous but it seriously knocked my socks off! So much light, texture and beauty. If you are in the area or passing through you MUST stop and take it all in. Plus it’s right by Splash Cafe so you can stop in and get some yummy clam chowder for lunch. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Can you see how they created the shape of the USA in the plaster wall? I LOVE this!

I heart Ruby Rose.

Tell me something that’s inspiring you today!

ashley’s {adorable} living room

July 25th | decorating, inspiration

I’m sure you know Ashley from Little Miss Momma. This girl is gorgeous–inside and out. And she has a knack for decorating with fun and personality. She’s real, honest and one of my dear friends. Today I’m sharing her family room with you!

 That USA on wood painting is from Salty Bison. Love!

I love her dark wood floors, white furniture and pops of color. Well done!

Isn’t it a happy space? Thank you Ashley for sharing your gorgeous home with us.

hello general store, paso robles

June 2nd | food & goodies, hello monday, inspiration, san luis obispo

Oh The General Store in Paso! It’s adorable and filled with fun goodies. Paso is fabulous for wine, great food and adorable boutiques! It’s gets warm in the summer, but the evenings are glorious! It’s a place I go to for inspiration. A couple of weeks ago I got to chatting with one of the owners, Joely and we were fast friends. I love when that happens, don’t you?

It’s Monday and time for some hellos! ***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

Hello baskets. Hello planning a picnic! Yay!

Hello soaps that smell so good, I almost don’t want to use them. Except I freak out about germs so I wash my hand A LOT.

Hello happy straws. I think I love you.

Oh never mind! Hello BEAUTIFUL bag! I think I love YOU!!

Hello beautiful store, filling my head with ideas and inspiration.

Hello Joely! You are the sweetest.

Hello flying home from Las Vegas today. I won’t miss the hot weather!

Hello last week of school for my boys. Summer is UPON US!

Hello flip flops and flowy skirts.

Hello backyard that’s spruced up and ready for warm evenings. I can’t wait to share pics with you.

Hello Father’s Day. Have you found something for dad yet?

Hello David who is feeling so much better. And I am feeling so thankful!

Hello finalizing product for Christmas. Crazy I know!

Hello Monday! It’s a brand new week filled with beauty waiting to be found. Leave some hellos for us in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there!

gabrielle turns one!

May 16th | blog friends, inspiration

My friend Stephanie Bryant {one of the founders of incourage} visited last week with her amazing husband and their adorable daughter, Gabrielle. We had so much fun talking, laughing, playing apples to apples and eating yummy food. Gabrielle was about to turn one so we pulled my aqua chair out into the backyard and snapped some pics of her. Isn’t she full of personality?

{cake toppers available here}

Happy birthday, Gabrielle! You are entirely lovable and ADORABLE!

firefly gallery, paso robles

May 15th | blog friends, inspiration, san luis obispo

Ready for some inspiration? Firefly Gallery has been one of my very favorite shops in Paso Robles since I first discovered them years ago. It’s a mother/daughter team that owns it–and they have an eye for design. And they carry our boutique collection which makes my heart so happy!! I stopped by last week and snapped some pics of their gorgeous shop. Take a look…

Paso Robles has some fabulous restaurants, vineyards and tasting rooms and boutiques. It’s about 30 minutes from San Luis Obispo–and worth the trip!

Make sure to follow Firefly Gallery on Instagram!

If you had $100 to spend in a boutique, would you spend it on books, clothes or housewares?

around the workshop {wildflowers necklace!}

March 11th | inspiration, jewelry

After I drop the boys at school and maybe run a quick errand, I’m at the workshop, dreaming, creating, connecting and planning. It’s bright space that’s half industrial, half inspirational. I don’t talk about it enough, but we have a fantastic team that makes things happen. They’re the ones that answer your phone calls, polish your jewelry, prepare packages to be shipping and make Lisa Leonard Designs run on a daily basis. I am humbled and grateful on a daily basis to work with this team.

Want to know something funny? I’m actually an introvert. I can be shy and sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk to jump in, get to know people and engage in larger group situations. In the workshop I can be quiet, but I’m trying to stretch myself and be more chatty and conversational.

For me, coffee is not optional. ;)

We store jewelry components in these large cabinets and I seriously love to go through the pieces, dream up different combinations and get creative.

This is where the customization happens. It’s a labor intensive process but the end result means YOU have YOUR special people close to your heart. And I love that.

Have you seen the new ‘my wildflower’s necklace? It’s about celebrating a love that grows wild and free. It speaks to my heart.

The backside of each tag is hand-stamped with your special name.

It’s surreal to have a team working behind the scenes. I remember working alone at my kitchen table in the early days-sometimes I have to pinch myself.
Today I’m down in LA with David, visiting the orthopedic hip/leg specialist at UCLA. Things continue to buzz in the workshop.

We’re thrilled to introduce the new wildflowers necklace! Don’t you love it? There will be many, probably hundreds of these created and shipping out this week. Incredible.

Which flower is your favorite?