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Black friday starts now!

November 25th | older posts

Ahh! How cute is this?!

Black Friday starts TODAY, friends! Enter code ‘solved’ at checkout out we’ll tuck this adorable necklace in with your order. It’s FREE with any purchase.

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joy through gratefulness

November 10th | older posts

Lately our youngest son, Matthias, has been struggling with anxiety. He has tummy aches. He worries about homework. He prefers to stay home and is hesitant to try new things. It breaks my heart to see him worried. I wish life was carefree and easy—but that’s not real life, is it?

There’s been a lot of change this year. Matthias started fifth grade. I see him maturing and growing. He’s more aware of life’s imperfections and his own imperfections. He’s been such a confident child but I see that wavering a bit. He’s thinking more deeply about who he is and what makes him valuable.

We’ve also been traveling a lot with expanding production of our jewelry to the Dominican Republic. It means Steve, his dad, and I are tag-teaming with the boys and there have been times lately where one of us is gone while the other holds down the fort at home. Our routine has been, well, less routine. The other day, while Steve was out of the country, I asked Matthias what he wanted for dinner. I thought letting him choose would be special and fun. Instead he responded, “I just want a normal dinner. Nothing special.”

That spoke volumes to me about how much he needs routine.

I’m blogging over at {in}courage today. Hop over and read the rest here.

We extended our Mother’s day sale!!

April 20th | older posts


Act fast and get that perfect gift for mom {or yourself}!! SHOP NOW!

friday love {instagram}

March 15th | older posts

Hey friends! I’m sharing cell phone pics from the last couple weeks and linking up with Jeannett on Life Rearranged. If you’re on instagram, I’m lisaleonard.

This pretty shadow caught my eye.

I’m loving the colorful pieces from our hope{full} line.

Matthias’ drawing keep getting better and better. He just started art lessons and he’s so excited.

We were about to leave for church and he cuddled up and fell asleep!

At lunch, David laid his head on the table. I guess he was wiped out!

Favorite jeans, check! Favorite booties, check! Layered vest and yellow sweater, check!

Last week was gloomy and this week has been sunny. I don’t mind a little gloom, but I LOVE sunshine.

Colorful beads and pretty teacups. A perfect combination.

We had a jewelry making party for our friend Chloe. The cake is from The Madonna Inn and finished with our new alphabet toppers!

David loves his daddy. And vice versa.

Brothers. Melt my heart.

I had a way-too-short lunch with Ashley in Santa Barbara this week. It was good for my soul.

This weekend holds a birthday party, garage sale and hopefully some downtime. What are your plans for this weekend?

iPhone Videography 101

February 28th | older posts

You guys know I love capturing sweet moments through photos…most of the time with my iPhone, but lately, I’ve been taking TONS of videos. I want to show you some basic tips that have helped me capture candid moments. Here it goes:

1. How to hold your iPhone:

You want to make sure your phone is held horizontally. It seems basic, but it really makes a world of difference. By holding it horizontally, you will avoid the big black bars on each side of the video when you hold the phone vertically. These show up when you publish on YouTube {important to know when your video goes viral!} You will also get a much larger image, which means small details will be shown even better.

Holding iPhone vertically

Holding iPhone horizontally

2. How to get a clear picture:

When you tap the subject on the screen of your iPhone it will bring it into focus. A little square will appear and as soon as it is locked in, you will have a focused picture. Sometimes my phone will be a bit finicky, so I have to tap a couple times.

As you can see, the focus box will disappear once the subject (flower painting) is focused.

You can also tap and hold on what you want to focus. “AE/AF lock ” will pop up indicating the focus has been locked. This way, if you move your phone out of the area you were taking video of, it will automatically focus when you move it back into that area. This is also great for pictures!

3. How to add effects and filters to your video:

I’ve found some great iPhone apps, but my favorite is the 8mm app. There are a ton of fun effects you can do with this app. It’s only $2.99 and so worth it. I’ll share a few basic tips.

To get started you can either upload a video or record straight from the app. The knob in the right-hand corner flips through some awesome effects that can make your video look like it was shot with a real 8mm camera or with dads old video camera. There are 10 different filters to choose from.

In addition to normal audio recording, you can choose to shoot your video with muted or with the camera reel sound. I love this! It makes my video feel like the original silent films. So much fun to play around with!

I love recording family time and the seemingly insignificant moments in life. What do you like to take videos of?

hello monday {link up}

December 12th | older posts

It’s a new week {and we are getting closer to christmas!}

hello watching our favorite holiday movie–elf, charlie brown christmas, love actually and little women

hello fireplace and clam chowder with these crunched up and sprinkled on top. yum.

hello carols and christmas music playing throughout the house and in the car {especially this album}

hello getting warm clothes for a trip to omaha to see cousins–we can’t wait!

hello complete lack of self-control when it comes to all the desserts and candy around me.

hello more christmas shopping to be done. are you done yet?

hello healthy. right now we are all cold and flu–for the first time in a month.

hello monday–it’s going to be a great week!

link up in the comments or just leave a note–and let us know what you’re saying hello to today!


November 24th | older posts

i hope your day is filled with family, friends, turkey and lots of time to relax.

friday love

June 10th | older posts

time to recap the week with instagram! i’m linking up with jeannett at life rearranged. so fun!

1. i woke up in seattle last weekend. so good to get away!

2. our new play every day necklace

3. ice cold sodas for a BBQ

4. flying back from seattle i took a pic of morro rock through the plane propellor

5. out for a late breakfast with my sweetie

6. stacked up fiestaware plates

7. the stacks in morro bay {david was home sick, so we went for a drive}

8. fresh flowers, a gift from my friend katie

it’s friday–and we are ready for the weekend! what are your weekend plans?

sunday inspiration

May 22nd | older posts


1. these shoes look stylish and comfortable. and they’re on sale.

2. this engagement session is pure magic

3. love the aqua wall with the yellow buffet. happy!

4. wood letters on canvas then spray painted. genius.

5. i want to make desserts in a jar this summer.

what’s inspiring you today?

um, oops!

December 31st | older posts

so, i subconsciously stole ali’s word.  i guess it’s such a lovely, insightful word, that after she shared it with me, i accidentally made it mine, too.  thanks for sharing your word, ali!  i love hearing what your words are for 2010–if you haven’t shared yet, please do!  happy new year’s eve!